2010: The Lost Year

This past year feels like it slipped away. I had big plans in mind, got off the track and then simply reacted to events for the next 11 months. Pages peeled off the calendar and drifted away, carried on the wind to the landfill of memory.


Looking back at 2010 I see that my posts were all over the place. Still, I’ve found people using this blog, particularly when it comes to finding the trail to Two Trees. Perhaps it’s worth making a go for another year. Only this time with more zest and vigor.

You know what would help? Comments. Your input can make a huge difference. Even if you don’t really have anything to say. And I promise I’ll be better with the comments you do post.

Here’s to a Comment-abulous 2011, a year of Suburban Adventure and new frontiers on the edge of the ordinary!

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