Wild rye is a type of bunch grass native to North America. There are several genuses, some are good for making hay. The grass propigates easily, resists hard times and helps control invasive species.

But this is not a blog about grass.

This is a blog about adventure. Not cataclysmic, National Geographic style adventure. Just enough adventure to keep the joints oiled and the blood flowing.

I picked the name Wild Rye simply because I liked the sound of the words together. Wildness married with rye, as in whiskey. Or is it wry, as in humor? Perhaps the words suggest an exploration into the heart of the Untamed Self, the “wilder I,” or an unshackled point of view, the “wilder eye.” Or maybe I’m simply thirsty for more of life and I’m writing “while dry.”

Who knows where this will lead, if anywhere. But life is a journey and it will shorten the road if we travel some of it together.