Adventure on My Doorstep, Small Adventures

In the quest for small adventure I asked myself what’s the smallest adventure a person could have? I think it starts with discovering what’s going on right outside your front door.

I decided to take a peek at what’s taking place on my doorstep and was a little surprised to see that the concrete steps are riddled with stress fractures. I’ve never thought much about this – it’s the Evil Home Owner Association’s problem, not mine. But this fractured concrete signals a very profound level of activity taking place outside my general level of awareness.

The earth is settling. Our condominiums are apparently built on an old arroyo that was filled with dirt, boulders, and (legend has it) old wrecked cars.

I tend to think of Home as being a place somehow separate from Nature. A neutral place, a kind of default location. But the cracked cement steps outside my front door suggest otherwise. Everything is part of a great swirling drama of entropy and change. Some adventures are taking place on a different time scale is all.


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  1. Bruce H February 26, 2011