Agoura Hills Day Hike – Liberty Canyon to Cheseboro Canyon


This year’s late winter rains make this Spring a perfect time to get out into the Santa Monica mountains for some hiking. This particular track starts at Canwood Street just off the 101 Freeway at Liberty Canyon Road. It’s an easy hike over a spur trail out of Liberty Canyon through a shady oak grove and on to Cheseboro Canyon where the trail gets quite wide and flat. If you’re planning on biking then be advised that this first leg gets pretty narrow and there’s a short steepish section with loose scree.

There is enough parking for two or three cars at the trailhead. If this is full you can park in the shade under the freeway or drive a few miles back into Cheseboro Canyon and park at the Modelo Trail parking.

The highlights of this particular hike are the large groves of Valley Oak that provide plenty of shade along the way. This season’s wildflowers are sprinkled all about the hills. At about two miles you come to the 1890s Morrison ranch house with the remains of a cattle stockyard. Continue heading North, there’s no reason to take the road to your right unless you want to explore the coyote track that doubles back to Liberty Canyon.


When you get about a quarter mile past the ranch there are numerous side trails. I prefer to stay in the canyon because the ridge trails are steep and not particularly scenic. I did a 6.7 out-and-back but the trails up Cheseboro Canyon keep going on and on.

Pack a lunch and a blanket and this would be a great place for a picnic/hike.

More details at Gaia GPS.