5 Worst Places to Hide Money – Starting with a Ball Point Pen

Pen Safe photo courtesy Brennan10

Pen Safe photo courtesy Brennan10

#1. Traveler Tip: Stash Money in An Empty Pen (and Then Hang on to That Pen)

From Instructables (via Lifehacker) comes this handy tip – use an old pen barrel as a makeshift money safe. It’s a clever idea…except that success hinges on a second tip that isn’t included in the Instrucable – how to find a missing pen.

#2. Hide Valuables in the Kids’ Room, Really?

This was once a good strategy – put the jewels in a ratty teddy bear. But these days with tablets and Playstations being in demand, the kids’ room isn’t necessarily the haven from burglars it once was. (Via cammy)

#3. Don’t Keep Valuables Anywhere in the Bedroom

Tape an envelope of cash under the bed? The bed and the sock drawer are the first places a burglar will look. (Via Senior Voice)

#4. Don’t Stash the Cash in the Medicine Cabinet

You might not think a burglar has any interest in you antihistamines or hemorrhoid cream – and you may be right. But a criminal might head straight for your medicine chest looking for opioids and find a cash bonus. (Via SavingAdvice.com)

#5. Pretty Much Anywhere a Blog Tells You to Hide Money

While researching this post it seems like many of the “best places to hide money at home” are just as likely to be some of the “worst places to hide money” according another blog. Some things burglars look for – book safes, electrical outlet safes, fake canned goods and cleansers.

If you want to know a safe place to hide your cash, ask a thief. The answer is – leave money out in the open. Kind of like taking a mugger’s wallet with you when you travel, some decoy cash might keep a thief from searching until he finds your secret stash.