BMW i3 Stability Control Just Saved My Ass

Yesterday some doofus in a Dodge Magnum decided to test the general properties of matter by occupying my lane while I was still in it. I swerved hard to avoid the oncoming rear quarter panel of the Dodge and then swerved back to avoid causing a chain reaction of my own.

At least that’s what I think happened. Maybe the car took over control after my initial swerve and helped me back into my lane. The whole thing happened in less than a heartbeat.

BMW’s car-and-driver-are-one stability response felt really weird, icky and unpleasant in action. To me it felt like the torsion on the wheels was making them buckle and collapse. And then suddenly the car bounced back into it’s lane – like riding a beach ball in a rodeo. I don’t ever want to do that again.

But I’m alive. Unscratched. And happy. If I swerved like that in my Jeep Wrangler there’s a better than good chance I’d have hit the ground hard.

Thanks BMW. Your car of the future just preserved mine.