Bucket o’ Links #1: Cool Gear

Here are a few links I’ve collected over the years, but an never going to get around to blogging. Enjoy, there are plenty more where these came from:

Bacon Wallet: Looks like bacon, won’t attract dogs. The Goat

Do-It-Yourself Gear
Backpack Stove: Use a Pepsi can (these work great!) Lifehacker
Messenger Bag: Make your own from plastic bags. Get Outdoors Blog
Bedroom Bouldering Wall: Make your own cave. Get Outdoors Blog
Pen: Make your own Mont Blanc quality pen in 2 minutes. BoingBoing
Pincushion: Looks like an eyeball. BoingBoing
Stain Remover: Make your own. Seven recipes. Dumb Little Man

Bologna Bubble Gum (Discontinued): Blow your lunch. BoingBoing

decTop: $100 personal computer.Lifehacker

Outdoors Stuff
Atwood Mini-Tools: Multi-functional works of art. Cool Tools
Bivanorak: Think “Snuggie for the outdoorsman.” Cool Tools
Credit Card Survival Tool: A toolbox that fits in your wallet. Lifehacker
CRKT Zilla Tool: Multitool with an attitude. The Goat
Dry Bag: With straps. The Goat
Field Tweezers: Tiny, flat pack, key-ring friendly. Cool Tools
Knot Tying Tool: You’re not a Boy Scout. You still need knots. Get Outdoors Blog
Pelican Micro Case: Waterproof, possibly hippo-proof protection for small electronics. Lifehacker
Tarptents: Lighter than many pack tents. Better cover than a tarp. Cool Tools
Tick Remover: Does what it says. Cool Tools
Sardine Can Survival Kit: Decent kit, great concept, fun gift. BoingBoing

Magic Wheel: Unicycle for sissies. Get Outdoors Blog
MaxiMog: All-terrain vehicle. Honestly. The Piton