Here it Comes – The Death of the Boomers

Death isn’t something we like to think about much. But in 2016 it feels like death has been all up in our faces.

This shouldn’t be surprising. The Baby Boomers are coming of age. As a society we’ve held death at bay for a long while now, but here it is, death is catching up with us.

The Baby Boomers have changed the world, for better or for worse, in everything from the way we celebrate Christmas to the music we listen to in elevators.

In the same way that the Boomers have dominated culture, the pig-in-the-python generation is destined to shape the way we look at death. They say life comes at you fast, but starting now death comes at you faster. The Boomers, who statistically should be living longer, are dying younger than earlier generations.

So as we remember the lives of Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Sharon Jones, Alan Rickman, Prince, Gary Shandling and quite a few others, be prepared for the next wave coming in 2017.