Hike of the Week – Cheseboro Canyon

One of five coyotes in a pack at Cheseboro Canyon

This week’s hike was four easy miles, out and back, in Cheseboro Canyon. One of the highlights was an encounter with a pack of five young coyotes, as you might be able to see in the grainy enlarged iPhone snap above. These coyotes are extremely well fed this year, judging from the quantity of furry scat along the trails.

I’ve blogged about Cheseboro Canyon before. The main trails are broad and flat. Sometimes people ask me where to hike with young children. Cheeseboro Canyon is a great place to hike with kids, provided you keep an eye open for fast moving moutain bikers.

This year there is considerable growth in vegetation in the area, meaning long pants beat hiking shorts if you want to protect yourself from ticks and foxtails on the side trails. The trails are well marked but if you don’t have a map in hand it’s easy to take a loop you weren’t counting on – as Bruce will tell you on Homer’s Travels.

Ventura County Trails has a good overview of hiking and mountain biking trails in Cheseboro Canyon. The guides are oriented to cyclists but it’s a good place to start if you want to explore a pocket wilderness that’s freeway-close.


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