Hold the Phone (Running)

This is just a quickie review of the Adidas Micoach armband for the iPhone 4. This item is generally loathed in reviews but I rather like it compared to a few others I’ve seen or tried.

1. Most people complain that the armband is too small. Yes it’s too small to wear on your bicep. But I find it easier to view on my forearm in any case. The Velcro is extremely grippy.

2. The plastic D-ring is terrible. It recently broke so I replaced it using a beefy plastic ring from an old iPod armband, stitched in place with a sewing awl.

3. The Micoach fabric itself is tough, completely waterproof and encloses the phone entirely. I have no concerns at all about sweat penetration. compare this to the Belkin iPhone 3 case that has open ports for the iPhone speakers. That said, I wouldn’t take the Micoach armband out in a drizzle. The stitching would likely allow water to intrude with constant exposure.

4. The Micoach armband keeps the iPhone 4 snug and secure. I have a Belkin clear GripVue case on my iPhone and it fits perfectly in the Micoach sports band. A thicker iPhone case would no doubt have problems.

5. The Adidas armband covers the light sensor on the iPhone and this makes the display unreadable in broad daylight. I find that if I uncover the sensor and then slide the phone back in the case it resets the sensor and I can view the display easily.

All in all I’d like to find a better sportsband for the iPhone than the Micoach, but it’s a much better armband than the others that are available at your local stores.