How to Explore the Suburban Frontier: Start with a Calendar

Let’s say that you want to become a Suburban Frontiersman…like Yours Truly. Where would you start? Perhaps you think you might need some gear, a pair of sturdy boots, a handy knife, a trustworthy haversack. But you’d be wrong.

What you need is time.

The Suburban Frontiersman’s life is chopped up until it’s a pizza pie of work, appointments, soccer matches, church, chores and errands. If you want to have any hope of having an adventure in the coming year you’re going to need to put it on the schedule.

What works best for me is to have a rolling schedule with one weekend blocked off for work around the Homestead and the next scheduled for adventure. You can’t be too rigid about this: sometimes you have to flip weekends to attend Cousin Maggie’s wedding and sometimes a group hike will come up on a Homestead Weekend.

Your calendar, whether it’s on your phone, wall or a Google Calendar (which you can share with your family) will help you navigate the wilds of time commitments, golf dates and youngster’s birthday parties to ensure that you have a chance to whet your taste for adventure.

BONUS GEEK LINK – If your idea of frontier is on the world wild web, check out the HTML 5 Adventure Calendar.

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