How to Start Over When You Don’t Know Where to Start

I just had a setback. It might not seem like a big deal to you but my office that I’ve been struggling to get organized and keep organized just got turned into a junk room. After four months of work in my spare time I’m back to square one. Maybe even square minus-one.

How do people start over when they face “real” problems – say a business failure or a divorce?

Sam Harris thinks that sometimes you have to act fast even when the outcomes are risky. Big risks sometimes means bigger rewards.

Journalist Susannah Breslin agrees that radical change is better than slow change.

Here is the thing about radical change: It changes your life radically. More importantly, it changes who you are radically.

Of course “going big” might also mean starting small. When you don’t know were to begin, when you’re truly stumped, sometimes you have to simply start somewhere, anywhere and just tinker around until you can see things more clearly.

The secret though is to do something.