On the Road Again


Muddy slough in Apache Canyon

Muddy slough in Apache Canyon

I had good intentions. As I wrote earlier, my plan was to follow Mr. Walsh as if I was following a seasoned trail guide and get my life in order. Purging my life of detritus and crap-ola would reveal my life’s true purpose.

Two weeks later I still believe that. But it’s harder than it sounds. Following Walsh’s advice I did a quick de-kruft and now I’m at the “ten minutes a day, two trash bags” stage. Unfortunately I started Twittering. (You can follow me on Twitter here.

Of course, if I’m going to use Twitter to post updates to my blog then I had better spruce it up a bit. I decided to bite the bullet and install the Woo Themes Papercut  premium theme because I wanted “works out of the box” goodness. It seemed to be worth real money to save some time and have something that just works, wham bam thank’y ma’am.

It turns out that “works out of the box” doesn’t mean that it works the way I want it to. For instance, the Woo Themes four button-ad widget doesn’t accomodate AdSense ads. Bummer.  You can insert the AdSense script into the sidebar php but you must disable the Papercut widgets…meaning that you have to code in your blogroll tags and other sidebar goodies and by that time you’re just pissing upside down. Feh.

I figured out that you can put your Adsense scripts in a Text widget and it kinda works. At least you have your widgets back. But there are other pitfalls. If you want a “leave a comment” link on your front page article you have to hunt down the Word Press tag for a comment link and then you have to crawl through more php code, and if you’re not a programmer (I’m certainly not) it means taking a shot in the dark and stabbing the code between to endif statements and seeing if the whole thing works. Double feh.

None of this is getting me any closer to “Ten minutes, two trash bags” and my ultimate purpose in life. Maybe this is my true purpose, to wander aimlessly past the gates of the great inferno. 

Do you love my new theme by the way? Leave a comment if you do.

By the way—if you used to follow me through an RSS feed you’ll probably have to update your subscription. I’m using Feedburner now because….well, Google made me do it.