Searching for the Lost City of Mu

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Is it possible that there is a lost civilization in the mountains above Malibu? Robert Stanley seems to think so. In 1985 he discovered evidence that convinced him that a pre-Chumash civilization once inhabited the region. The book Weird California fleshes out some of Stanley’s observations, noting that he discovered walls, ramparts and foundations that didn’t match the work of any known civilization. In fact, the artifacts of Mu are so unusual that modern archeologists disregard them.

Where are the ruins of Mu that Stanley found? Shrouded in mystery. According to Weird California, Stanley is reluctant to disclose the location, fearing that treasure seekers will ruin the ruins. He did, however leave a few clues:

The site of Mu is overlooked by a megalith that looks like a Sphinx. It is not far from Malibu and…

robert stanley's sphinx

….he left a map:

Unlike most subjects, the more I try and research the Lost City of Mu, the less I find. There is one tantalizing tidbit from the archives of a New Age newsgroup – the 40,000 year old city of the Lemurians can be found near the Pacific Coast Highway, one mile north of the “Cracked Roch picnic area.” (This would be Split Rock on the Mishe Mokwa trail.)

This is hardly a “remote section” as WikiAnswers puts it.

If there’s anything up there, it should be fairly easy to find…

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