Socks That Last Forever

Vermont Darn Tough Sock

Usually I don’t like to use the words “darn” and “socks” together in a sentence, but “Darn Tough” is how Ric Cabot describes the socks his family has been making for over 30 years. Outside Blog has just endorsed Darn Tough in their Gear Army section. I like the fact that these socks are made in Vermont, and will be adding them to my gear list.

When you shell out $14 for a pair of socks you hope that they will last the better part of a season. Over the years I’ve picked up a number of high-end socks and I haven’t been disappointed. Smartwool socks are velvety-soft and have lasted me through a good year of regular use. Hot, dry, wet, cold they’ve handled it all.

Wigwam socks are the best. They are a little scratchier than Smartwool but they feel more indestructable. I’ve had my Wigwams for about two years now, and wear them daily. They still fit great. Made in Sheboygan where the median family income is $47,000 (compared to $72,000 for the Southern California area where I live), which also gives me an incentive to pay a little extra over the tube socks which don’t last or perform nearly as well.

Super Tip! Prevent Lost Socks!

If you’re going to shell out a lot of bread for socks, use these clips. They’ve made my life infinitely easier. Unfortunately the Sock Cop web page is down…has the business expired? Too bad for humanity if that’s the case. These clips are ideal for keeping pairs of bulky wool socks together through wash and dry. My only beef is that they are a little tough to pinch open and sometimes break. An alternative is the Sock Pro – if you’ve tried these, please let me know how well they work in the comments section below.