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Minivans – the Number One Choice of Bears Everywhere

Minivan opened like a soda can

Minivan opened like a soda can

The number one choice of discriminating bruins? According to the LA Times black bears in Yosemite have come to think of minivans as their own personal “meals on wheels.” Minivans roll into the park wafting the aroma of spilled Cheerios and milk, and the bears seem to have learned that the classic Mom-missile is your best bet to find a secret stash of Frosted Mini Wheats.

End of the Road for Bodie State Park?

Abandoned truck at Bodie "ghost town"

California’s dire budget crisis has left vacationers with the very real fear that up to 220 California State Parks could be closed by the end of the season this September. Right now there’s no telling whether this is a political power play on the part of Governor Schwarzenegger, or how many parks would actually be closed.

But consider a worst-case scenario – what would happen to the well-presevered mining town of Bodie, California if state funds dry up and the area goes unprotected? It’s not too far a stretch to think that it could go the way of Burro Schmidt’s cabin, pulled apart by scavenging tourists to decorate their rumpus rooms back in the suburbs. Once an oddball museum preserved by the desert air, a real hard rock miner’s workshop, Schmidt’s cabin has been picked clean by souvenir seekers.

The threat of State Park closure may be exagerated. If not, it will be an interesting little experiment to see how long these carefully kept treasures can hold up without the overseeing eye of our state government.

For those inclined to not sit back and watch helplessly, the matter is going before the budget conference committee on June 2 (tomorrow). You can fire off a letter here.

Photo by James Marvin Phelps