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Bucket o’ Links #2: Unnatural Animal Acts

Animals the way nature never intended.

Jerry, the World’s Most Human Chimp

Unicorn taxidermy ($900)

Smuggler busted with geckos taped to chest (pic)

Chimpanzee baffled by magic act (Japanese)

Paper Keyboard Cat

Wall of Fluff (way too much cute)

Homing pigeons courier memory cards for whitewater photographers

Dog eats Taco Bell burrito in 1 second

Dog goes bonkers in the snow (to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer)

Hippo and dog are friends.

Bear gets down (parental advisory, lyrics)

Bear waits for picnic basket.

Polar bear and dog are friends.

Monkey Western

Monkey waiters at Tokyo restaurant

Monkey Picked Tea

Bucket o’ Links #1: Cool Gear

Here are a few links I’ve collected over the years, but an never going to get around to blogging. Enjoy, there are plenty more where these came from:

Bacon Wallet: Looks like bacon, won’t attract dogs. The Goat

Do-It-Yourself Gear
Backpack Stove: Use a Pepsi can (these work great!) Lifehacker
Messenger Bag: Make your own from plastic bags. Get Outdoors Blog
Bedroom Bouldering Wall: Make your own cave. Get Outdoors Blog
Pen: Make your own Mont Blanc quality pen in 2 minutes. BoingBoing
Pincushion: Looks like an eyeball. BoingBoing
Stain Remover: Make your own. Seven recipes. Dumb Little Man

Bologna Bubble Gum (Discontinued): Blow your lunch. BoingBoing

decTop: $100 personal computer.Lifehacker

Outdoors Stuff
Atwood Mini-Tools: Multi-functional works of art. Cool Tools
Bivanorak: Think “Snuggie for the outdoorsman.” Cool Tools
Credit Card Survival Tool: A toolbox that fits in your wallet. Lifehacker
CRKT Zilla Tool: Multitool with an attitude. The Goat
Dry Bag: With straps. The Goat
Field Tweezers: Tiny, flat pack, key-ring friendly. Cool Tools
Knot Tying Tool: You’re not a Boy Scout. You still need knots. Get Outdoors Blog
Pelican Micro Case: Waterproof, possibly hippo-proof protection for small electronics. Lifehacker
Tarptents: Lighter than many pack tents. Better cover than a tarp. Cool Tools
Tick Remover: Does what it says. Cool Tools
Sardine Can Survival Kit: Decent kit, great concept, fun gift. BoingBoing

Magic Wheel: Unicycle for sissies. Get Outdoors Blog
MaxiMog: All-terrain vehicle. Honestly. The Piton

Hot Links


NOTE: Some of these links are newer than others. I’m cleaning out my closet of starred RSS feeds.

Do it in the dirt: Wikipedia-style dirtopia.com maps out off-road trails by state and region

Coffee has its perks: Moderate coffee usage reduces health risks

Buddy can you spare a dime? How to be a microlender

Low impact living: zero-carbon city…in the desert

Feckin’ brilliant: build your own Surefire tactical flashlight knock-off (tell me how it goes for you)