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Do-It-Yourself Hasselblad Medium Format Pinhole

medium format pinhole camera

Photo by Kelly Angood

The irony here is that Hasselblad cameras are known for their amazing Carl Zeiss lenses, coupled with precision leaf shutters. But now for considerably less money you can craft your own Hasselblad that has neither.

Treehugger has links to the downloadable PDF plus an instructional video. The creator of this project, Kelly Angood, also has a tumblr gallery of pinhole images where DIYers can submit their own photos.

Wildlife Photo Winner: Three Wolves and a Moon

Jose Luis Rodriguez may have faked this year’s most amazing wildlife photo but he could be responsible for the year’s most awesome meme: three wolves jumping over a fence under a full moon. The photoshopped version of Rodreguez’ photo comes from myconfinedspace.com, a site that recycles NSFW, crude, lewd and silly images, by way of the more down-to-earth Rob Haggart who dares to ask the question, why did this cheesy photo win in the first place? Perhaps from here on out, wildlife photo awards should go to photogs who truly appreciate wildlife – such as the chimps who just shot a feature film.

Still, what could be better than a t-shirt featuring three wolves jumping over a fence under a full moon – except for a bacon facial?

Free Stock Photography – From the Smithsonian!


Good news for lazy bloggers like me! Now the Wikimedia Commons is not the only source for FREE PHOTOGRAPHY you can put on your blog! Thanks to the U.S. Federal government you can have access to almost 7,000 high quality pictures that you already paid for with your tax dollars.

These photos, with a watermark, are easily available through this flickr site. You can download high resolution copies of the images here. But before you download, read the fine print – Smithsonian has a copyright notice on their site, even though “works of the United States Government are in the public domain.” In any case, this looks like a wonderful resource.

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Photo Bonanza – Library of Congress Posts Public Domain Image Archive

WWII Truck Driver

If you’re looking for royalty-free public domain photos for your blog or other project, you’re in luck. The Library of Congress just uploaded 3,000 vintage photos to Flickr, like the photo above, free for the taking.  These pics are all first-class in terms of composition, lighting, balance and they look like a huge boon to historians and researches, not to mention penny-pinching bloggers.

[Courtesy of Lifehacker]