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How to Survive a Cougar Encounter

TV Land's Cougar

TV Land's Cougar

Sooner or later it could happen to you. Might be in the backwoods of the Sespe. Might happen between the aisles at Trader Joe’s. Either way, it’s a good idea to brush up on your Cougar avoidance techniques.

A study from UC Davis examining 185 cougar attacks from 1890 on, seems to suggest that the conventional wisdom is all wet. Stand your ground and a mountain lion might just think you’re wounded prey. Run and the puma might think you’re fast food. Though as Rocky at the Goat points out, you don’t really have to outrun the cougar. Unless, of course, you’re hiking alone.

So where does this befuddling bit of news leave us? If running away is a really bad idea, but standing still is worse, I guess there’s nothing left except to make like a badger and get in the cougar’s face.