Talkin’ Out of School

I love being a parent. It’s the homework I can’t stand.

If you’re struggling with your kid’s (or own) homework this post on Make Use Of might help: 10+ Web Tools to Save Your Butt in School includes the ultimate Hail Mary homework pass: File Destructor. Here’s the old “dog ate my homework” with a twist…it’s the teacher’s dog. File Destructor creates corrupted files make the instructor believe that her own computer is the culprit.

The section on plagiarism detection is worth reading. You can get dinged for plagiarizing entirely by accident…ask me how I know.

One thing I’d like to see in this list is where to get pics for your projects…legally. As I’ve posted earlier, you can get bazillions of free photos from the Library of Congress, there’s also the Time-Life archive (for personal noncommercial use only), the Los Angeles Times Photo Archive curated by UCLA, along with other image resources.

As much as I like the name Pink Monkey (sounds like something from the hot zone of the next viral pandemic), I found Bookrags more thorough.  Doing a search for the 1907 J. M. Synge play “Playboy of the Western World” (that ref might do some interesting things to my Google Ads, heh, heh) I found scads of hits…mostly premium pay-for links, but marginally useful at least…on Bookrags. Bookrags has a filter so you can screen out the premium content. But it doesn’t seem to work too well.

Finally, if you’re dead serious about reducing the effort that goes into homework, you might want to consider these pre-chewed pencils from Concentrate.