Torture Test: Eddie Bauer® Virtually Unbreakable Water Bottle

Eddie Bauer© Virutally Unbreakable Water Bottle

I love my 32 oz. Eddie Bauer water bottle that I picked up at Target for under seven bucks. Except for the fact that I’m now growing man-boobs, I haven’t had a single probem. No leaks. No breaks. Barely a scratch after a year’s hard use.

But the words “virtually unbreakable” printed on the bottle–that’s like a glove in the face. So, a torture test is in order.

My hypothesis was that filling the bottle with water and dropping it on a rock from 6 ft. would cause the plastic to crack.

1. Drop Test:  We conducted this test unscientifically with a dozen teenagers at the American River. The test consisted of filling the bottle 2/3 of the way with water and dropping it on various rocks and hard surfaces. Result: The Eddie Bauer Nalgene-analog survived without a scratch.

2. High Impact Test:  This test consisted of the Eddie Bauer Lexan bottle, still 2/3 full, hurled with great force at a slab of concrete. We chose Brad to do the hurling because, as Trish noted, “Brad has guns.” Result: the damn bottle fights back! Brad gave the bottle a good 40 mph wallop to the earth. The bottle bounced right back and hit him in the eye. At this point the lid (of the bottle) shattered but the bottle was unharmed.

Crushing an Eddie Bauer Lexan water bottle

3. Jeep Test: This test involved running over the Eddie Bauer hiking bottle with a Jeep Wrangler.  Result: The bottle flattened but was unbroken. You could theoritically hammer it back in shape and be good to guzzle.
Verdict:  Yes, the Eddie Bauer Virtually Unbreakable Water Bottle is virtually unbreakable. The lid, on the other hand, breaks easily on impact probably wouldn’t survive a 30 ft drop.

Flattened Eddie Bauer water bottle


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