Uncharted Territory Now Charted by Fascinating Maps

square earth theory

This map proves the Earth is square

There’s a peculiar comfort in a map – it extends the boundaries of our consciousness to the furthest regions, giving a clear picture of relationships that might otherwise be lost in the murky fog of our lizard brains. Maps bring to light new possibilites. Maybe I can get there from here… and reveals existing boundaries …and maybe I can’t.

Strange Maps is a fascinating site with over 400 unusual maps and counting. Some of these maps are quite useful, such as the map of privately owned public spaces in San Francisco. This particular map reveals secluded parks, plazas and gardens that the public is welcome to enjoy…and might not otherwise discover. Other maps take us into the imagination such as this sketch of Jonathan Swift’s Brobdingnag, into the world of serendipity with startling maps found in nature and info-graphics of all sorts.

With ascents of Everest as common as an escalator ride to the hosiery department at Macy’s, it may be true that there are no new frontiers. But Strange Maps shows us a few territories that are still worth exploring.

Via Boing Boing