How to Mark Up Your Bible

how to mark your Bible

I’ve really tried to love Bible study apps like Youversion but I end up feeling like I’m trying to view the scope of history through a keyhole. Bible study seems to be richer and more effective when I use an old-fashioned paper Bible and mark the pages as I go.

Some people take the process of marking a Bible quite seriously, using particular colors and notations for particular things. I tried that for a while but it got confusing. That said, there are a few tips that might be helpful for your study.

Jeff Cavins gives some tips on type of Bible for study, what kind of pens to use and how to start marking.

Randy Brown gives a bunch of tips on using colors, marking definitions, and starting chain references.

If you want to go full Technicolor, Wes McAdams shares keys on how to color-code your Bible for study.