Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – Revitalizing Public Areas on a Shoestring Budget


Lunch for 500 neighbors in Akron Ohio via

Lunch for 500 neighbors in Akron Ohio via

It doesn’t take a lot to create a sense of place and purpose. Think about how children will string a clothesline between two chairs, throw a blanket over it and immediately have a magical “tent-fort” that is somehow better and more purposeful than the room it inhabits.

That’s the idea behind “lighter, quicker, cheaper” placemaking. Architecture, redevelopment and urban renewal take a long time. We’re talking centuries…and a LOT of money.

But what if we want a good, vital place to be right now? That’s where LQC comes in. Check out the Pinterest board for lighter, quicker, cheaper spaces worldwide and you see dozens of ways people have been able to reinvent public spaces semi-permanently (is any architecture permanent?) and created vital, active spaces.

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