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Starting Over with a Clean Sheet: A Meditation on Wholeness

clean sheet of paper

A clean sheet of paper contains the set of all possibilities. The blank page can become a picture, a story, a poem. Anything that can be imagined can be represented on this blank sheet of paper.

Because there are no limits to the possibilities that can be contained on a single sheet of paper, this page is a good metaphor for the Whole. You can think of the Whole as that which contains all other things in the Universe.

Without getting too philosophical about it I find it interesting and helpful from time to time to imagine an empty sheet of paper and empty the contents of my thoughts onto this imaginary paper. Let’s say that I want to make a sandwich but I’ve run out of bread and I don’t want to go to the store.

I consider this situation – imagining it written or drawn or otherwise represented on my blank sheet of paper. For instance I might imagine the empty space in the fridge where the bread should be or I might picture the store where more bread can be found. Then I ask myself *what else is there?* I might picture a can of soup. If I’m thinking about the store I might picture a park near the store. If I ask again *what else is there?* I might think of last night’s leftover lasagna or fountain near the park that I’ve been wanting to sketch.

Suddenly, by expanding my understanding of what was previously on my mind – the lack of bread with which to make a sandwich – I suddenly have a new range of possibilities. While I really didn’t want to make a trip to the store I do kind of want to go the park and sketch that fountain, so why not pick up some bread on the way home?

In this way a clean sheet of paper can help me take a broader view of life by helping me to think about Wholeness.