The 5 Worst Places to Stay in America

Bates Motel

Who plans a crummy vacation? If you’re like most people you check out the travel guides, Google the internets and browse through the Pinterests looking for the best places to vacation.

That kind of thinking is only going to leave you disappointed.

Instead I say shoot for the worst travel destinations and if they turn out better than you expected, well you’ll feel like you got your money’s worth.

So here you go, some of the worst places you can stay:

Tonopah Clown Motel, Tonopah Nevada

Delightful circus-themed motel and the only rest stop in 250 miles.

What makes it so bad? Clowns. Clowns everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of clowns. Oh yeah, did I mention that next door is a graveyard.

San Onofre State Beach Campground, San Onofre, California

Sunny beaches, amazing bluffs, far from mad Los Angeles Traffic.

What makes it so bad? Tiny, cramped campsites. No showers. All within a mile of a nuclear power plant. A nuclear plant that closed because it was leaking. And still houses over 4,000 lbs. of nuclear material all in shouting distance of a major earthquake fault.

Townhouse Motel, Tupelo Mississippi

What could be better than a stay at the birthplace of the peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich?

What makes it so bad? “…and there was a puddle of blood outside our front door.”

Tipi Village Retreat, Marcola, Oregon

Beautiful setting, top-notch amenities, close to wine tasting.

What makes it so bad? Airbnb price is $1735…for a night in a tent…actually two nights minimum.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Experienced staff, views are beyond amazing, personal attention galore.

What makes it so bad? You’re 2,000 frickin’ feet off the ground, sleeping in a hammock that’s pinned to a granite wall using a couple of titanium toothpicks. Any questions?