With Trump Holding All the Cards It’s Time to Fold (Our Hands)


I’m taking a break from the regular topics of this blog (camping, hiking, adventure, urban design, etc.) Instead I’m going to start praying.

It was hard to have a prayer time this morning. My mind was jumping like a monkey. I’m stunned that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. I’m not going go into all the reasons I think this is a terrible thing, at least not now. I want to consider what can be done.

I really believe that a Trump presidency will be ruinous to the country, that terrible things will happen soon and they will last for a very long time. If the American public wants to offset a tragedy we will have to take action right away. We will have to be smart, organized and effective.

And for that reason I plan on doing nothing. At least I’m going to make an heroic effort to calm down and focus on prayer.

People of prayer have faced worse threats than Donald Trump. Think Nero, Caligula, Herod the Great. (Muslims would likely add the likes of Pope Urban II.)

The Kingdom of Heaven is bigger, more important and longer lasting than the institutions of man. “All flesh is grass” says the Bible. Donald Trump will come and go. The U.S. government will come and go (possibly sooner rather than later, *gasp*). But the Kingdom of Heaven will remain.

There is work to be done folks. And I think the work starts on our knees. It’s not going to be easy – not for me. I am a fantastically lousy pray-er. But if I’m going to go “all in” on something, what better than something that’s a sure bet to last?